Silly Children's Books

Silly Children's Books

All self published in Brighton by Dan and Lauren from 11 Rugby Road, the books are filled with the charms of buying independent and supports us to make more. The series of “Silly Voices” “Silly Beans” and "Silly Scope are playful picture books based lightly on the early development of English, Maths and Science.

"Inside you there are voices.
Shhh! They can be shy.
They want to make some noises.
They’ll come out if we try..."

Silly Voices is Lauren’s first interactive read-aloud picture book. With emphasis on fun for both the adult and child, this handmade ryhming book will bring magic and a little silliness to every story time!

A children’s book designed to be read aloud, Silly Beans uses interactive counting and number recognition all helped by the rhyming word play.

The design is bright and child friendly and reflects the jelly bean theme. The pastel illustrations are laid placed so that they can be easily followed and pointed out with a little finger while the story is read. The line breaks help the rhymes flow even if the punctuation is skipped by children in a hurry!

"Let’s look through the Silly Scope.
Tell me what you see..."

With help from our Silly Scope, we can see far away and zoom right in to see how the world around us works!