Turnip Smugglers

Turnip Smugglers

Put a smile on other villagers faces. Bells are not acceptable currency for these.

Our blue briefs feature fashionista Mabel. Yellow have Isabelle to welcome you. Red has Tom Nook in charge and green Blathers is ready to inspect your fossil.

S/M Hip Line: 72-78cm
M/L Hip Line: 86-96cm
XL Hip Line: 94-104cm

Some sizes may take up to 5 working days to be shipped. Our pants are for novelty costume use as we don’t specialise in clothing, but the best care has been made to make some awesome undies. They may vary slightly from picture due to being hand finished. These are fan made and obviously not officially licensed or associated with Nintendo or Animal Crossing in any way...

Care Instructions: wash and on a low heat with similar colours. Air dry is recommended but if a tumble dryer is used it must be in a low heat. Do not iron.